The Temporary Soundmuseum Collection

The Temporary Soundmuseum is a comprehensive and constantly expanded archive interested in the vinyl culture conveying data and vibes of contemporary and recent history.

The vinyl has always been a medium not only of music but also of propaganda by everyone with a message, political, religious, philosophical and other aspects of weltanschauung.

The unusual archive comprises areas like ethics, politics, military, art, environment, science, advertisement, graphics and design, to records by the Muzak Corporation and other rather uncollectibles (go to the text archive for examples).
It obviously consists mainly of records and covers, but includes also all the different variants like sounding postcards or flexis, fragile containers of all kinds of elusive messages.

The small but exquisite collection of about one hundred record players shows the various stages of design and raises the question why all the colourful and fanciful units of the 1960ies and 70ies were replaced all of a sudden by boring black and grey boxes.

Every museum of design worldwide displays the same Brauns and Bang & Olufsens, beautiful classics, but less influential as far as our pop consciousness is concerned.


Go to Vinyl Culture text (in english) for more on the cultural background, or see the movie 'Vinyl Culture' (in german language).